★SALE★Rice + Rice Seasoning(Topping) お米とご飯のお供セール


★SALE★Rice & Rice Seasoning(Topping) お米とご飯のお供セール (V13f)

★SALE★  for a limited time(期間限定セール)CLICK HERE!!


Buy $40 Rice & Rice Seasoning(Topping), Get 1 Free Pickled Cucumber 120g!!

お米とご飯のお供$40お買い上げで、青きゅうり漬け 120g プレゼント!!

Buy $80 Rice & Rice Seasoning(Topping), Get 1 Free J-Basket Teriyaki Ginger Sauce 417g!!

お米とご飯のお供$80お買い上げで、てりやきしょうがソース 417g プレゼント!!

Buy $120 Rice & Rice Seasoning(Topping), Get 1 Free KIKKOMAN Hontsuyu 1L(本つゆ)!!

お米とご飯のお供$120お買い上げで、本つゆ1L プレゼント!!

Buy $160 Rice & Rice Seasoning(Topping), Get 1 Hontsuyu & Teriyaki Ginger Sauce!!

お米とご飯のお供$160お買い上げで、本つゆ と てりやきしょうがソース プレゼント!!

* No need to order, available while stock last.


Order Number Title (List Price)Retail Price(Including Tax)
Stock Status Quantity unit  
V10f ★Buy $40 Rice★Pickled Cucumber 120g ($2.50) $0.00
Out of Stock 380g Out of Stock
SS31f ★Buy $80 Rice★J-Basket Teriyaki Ginger 417g ($4.80) $0.00
Out of Stock 47g Out of Stock
S20f ★Buy $120 Rice★KIKKOMAN Hontsuyu 1L ($9.99) $0.00
Out of Stock 1L Out of Stock
S202f ★Buy $160 Rice★KIKKOMAN Hontsuyu 1L + Teriyaki Ginger 417g ($14.70) $0.00
Out of Stock 2bottle Out of Stock