DAI’S Chilled Hand Made Natto 300g(手作り冷蔵納豆)


DAI'S Chilled Hand Made Natto 300g(手作り冷蔵納豆) (V27)

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・タレはついていません。Dai’s Nattoは白だし、めんつゆ、お醤油をお勧めしています。





Handmade Kotsubu (small size) Natto freshly made in Sydney !!

– There are only 2 ingredients, QLD Soybean and Natto Starter imported from Japan.

– Eco Friendly, using paper container and Biodegradable cling wrap.

– No sauce included, Dai’s Natto recommends Shiro-dashi, Men-Tsuyu, Soy Sauce.

– The size is 300g (approx 7 servings).

– Best before is 12 days from production date.

– It will slowly keep fermenting in fridge and Umami will increase as the days go by.


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