★SALE★GFC Salted Sea Grapes 40g 2pc(海ぶどう)


★SALE★GFC Salted Sea Grapes 40g 2pc(海ぶどう) (SF108)

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How to prepare Salted Sea Grapes

➀ Put one pack (20g) in a bowl with 1 liter of water.

➁ Within 3 minutes, the Sea Grapes will swell up and come back to its original form.

➂ Drain the water and enjoy with ponzu or other sauces!


•Some small organisms may be mixed with the Sea Grapes, but it is very safe for consumption and no effect on quality.

•After the Sea Grapes are drained from water, they will begin to shrivel again, so please consume quickly.

•If the Sea Grapes are soaked in liquid sauces, they will begin to shrivel.


➀ 1袋(20g)の海ぶどうを大きめのボールに入れ、1ℓの飲料水を注いで塩抜きをしてください。

➁ 約3分ほどで5倍(体積)の量のプチプチとしたハリのある海ぶどうに戻ります。

➂ 戻した後は水切りをし、ポン酢等へつける、ツケダレの要領でお早めにお召し上がりください。





Quantity40g 2pc