★SALE★MIZKAN Sesame Goma Shabu Sauce 250ml Expired(ごましゃぶ)


★SALE★MIZKAN Sesame Goma Shabu Sauce 250ml Expired(ごましゃぶ) (SS67)

Expired (Best Before: 07.04.2024)

This sesame-based sauce is used in the traditional Japanese meal “Shabu Shabu” which is a pot dish for thinly-sliced beef and vegetables. Sesame Goma Shabu Sauce is also great as a salad dressing or Asian noodle sauce.



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MIZKAN Sesame Goma Shabu Sauce 250ml(ごましゃぶ)

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SS67m ★SALE★MIZKAN Sesame Goma Shabu Sauce 250ml Expired(ごましゃぶ) ($6.00) $2.50
Limited Stock 250ml
SS67m2 ★SALE★MIZKAN Sesame Goma Shabu Sauce 250ml x 2 Expired(ごましゃぶ) ($12.00) $4.50
Limited Stock 250ml x 2